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Fresh / Raw coconut

We offer a wide range of Semi husk Coconuts and fresh coconuts which is reckoned for its freshness and rich taste. Offered range is made available in varied places such as shops and general stores. This range is widely used in homes and restaurants which is useful for preparing various dishes. Moreover, this range is also used in Pooja at homes and also in temples.

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Desicated coconut

Dried desiccated coconut: We offer pure white, fine cut, high fat desiccated coconut. In our desiccated coconut the fat content will be 65 % as minimum; moisture will be 3% max, free from smoky odor and foreign particles.

Desiccated coconut is used in the preparation of several dishes like sweets, cakes, cookies etc.

Shapes: Ball shaped copra & Half Cut copra Fat content: 65 % as minimum Moisture: < 3%free flowing Its life in normal climatic condition is 8 months from the date of Manufacture and if kept in cold storage condition then about 24 months.

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Coco Copra

Dried coconut copra:
We offer CocoCopra which is the sun dried coconuts. Coconut Copra is the meat or kernel of coconut. Copra�s are used to extract coconut oil and in Cosmetic Industries. The processed Coconut Copra for oil extraction leaves a residue, which is used for feeding livestock. The Dry Coconut Copra can be made by sun drying or smoke drying. The process of sun drying requires little more time. We are highly commended for our wide variety of copra and their fine grade.

  • Oil content : Min 70%
  • Moisture content : 1% - 3%
  • FFA contain : 0.4% - 1
  • Shell life : 10 months