Coir Erosion Control Logs/ Coir Edge Guard

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Coir Erosion Control Logs are used along streams of running water to protect against widening and soil erosion. The Coir Logs are made up of coir fiber or rolled up coir pads encased in coir nets. Coco logs work as a brake on waves and reduces the impact of erosion. If the stream bed is lined with erosion control blankets and edged with Erosion Control Logs this helps keep the running water in in check and also allows nature to take root in the form of algae etc. Over the long run the natural vegetation will take over and control the soil erosion. The erosion control logs can be produced in different thickness and length and delivered as per customer requirements.

Product Description:
Longevity : Generally for two to five years (depending on the weather conditions)
Inner core : 100% coconut fiber.
Outer netting : 4-8 mm High strength coir netting.

Application Areas:
Catch Basin Protection
River bank Stabilize
Strom Water runoff control
Shoreline Stabilize
Forest Slope rehabilitation

Available size:
Diameter 10 cm to 25 cm
Length 3 meter to 6 meter