Buffered Coco:

Our Buffered Coco is treated in a separate production line, from the time the raw materials are received for the production.
The raw Coco peats used in our production are only obtained from the fiber mills owned by the company to ensure high quality.
The treating of the raw Coco peat is done by modern machinery & the company uses the best brands of internationally reputed chemicals to get the best results. Once the treating part is completed the material is de-watered in different stages, without damaging the structure of the material.
The buffered materials are then compressed into 5 Kg Block form & Grow Bags or other product form on request & are shipped to our buyers.
At every phase of the production we ensure that no contamination of Buffered material occurs either with non-buffered materials or with any foreign matter. Further, every batches of production are tested in our fully equipped laboratory for proper exchange & other chemical parameters vital to the production of Buffered Coco.